Edge Digest - Issue #7





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Edge Digest - Issue #7
By Edge Network • Issue #7 • View online
It’s edition seven of the Edge Digest, your fortnightly update on Edge Network’s reinvention of the Internet. Grab your headphones for this one – we’ve two audio episodes to catch up on, plus the usual weekly developments and Twitter favourites.

Highlights this issue
Conversations on the Edge: Episode Seven
Conversations on the Edge: Episode Six
Latest network updates
Weekly Update: W/C 21st June, 2021
Weekly Update: W/C 14th June, 2021
Favourite tweets
We don’t need massive, dedicated server farms to power the internet, you already carry a perfectly usable cloud in your pocket.

Here's how hardware reuse is just one of the reasons Edge is building a greener Internet: https://t.co/ZDlCITDE6i

#techforgood #futurecloud https://t.co/1CI5YZ8Vdm
Edge is the local, global network: our nodes are located in home and offices everywhere, reducing the distance between storage and consumption. Why? To build a faster, greener Internet.

Join the infrastructure revolution: https://t.co/uo6TbasgwB

#techforgood #futurecloud https://t.co/ttKl65e62e
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