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Edge Network
Edge Network
Welcome to edition six of our fortnightly round up of real-world progress on Edge Network’s reimagination of the cloud – audio, articles and our favourite social media over the last two weeks.
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Highlights this issue
Conversations on the Edge: Episode Five
Future CDN, Today
Latest network updates
Weekly Update: W/C 07th June, 2021
Weekly Update: W/C 31st May, 2021
Favourite tweets
What did all your company laptops do last night? They *could* have been contributing to Edge Network and taking chunks out of your infrastructure bill.

Edge is more cost effective than traditional cloud services. Here’s why: https://t.co/nNrD8rr1lU

#futurecloud #techforgood https://t.co/zIK8b4lVna
Half the Internet is down. But Edge Network isn't. This is why the world needs to decentralise. This is why the world needs Web3.

Join the infrastructure revolution: https://t.co/oKIiy0pVe1

#techforgood #futurecloud https://t.co/CmFNdKuMpE
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Edge Network
Edge Network @edgenetwork

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A decentralized cloud, powered by the blockchain.

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