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Edge Digest - Issue #28
By Edge Network • Issue #28 • View online
Where are you reading this? Almost certainly from one of the 60 countries that Edge Network is operating in – a network of nodes from Australia to Zambia; in cities from Amsterdam to Xi'an. It’s what we call ‘global reach’ and it’s the focus of this week’s Conversations on the Edge. Listen, from wherever you are (and join the growing number of contributors the world over, each earning revenue from spare computing power they already own).

Highlights This Issue
Conversations on the Edge: Episode 35
Join the global network of Edge contributors
Latest Weekly Update
Weekly Update: W/C 10th January, 2022 | Edge
Favourite Tweets
Where does ‘green’ feature in your product roadmap? Has your business considered the carbon footprint of digital products?

#EdgeNetwork is a greener alternative to traditional cloud services. Here’s why: https://t.co/5AkAQxFwZb

$EDGE #productmanagement #blockchain #crypto 🌳 https://t.co/fAzPy16zFa
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