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Edge Network
Edge Network
How was 2021 for you? If you’re a keen follower of Edge (and, by extension, the wider blockchain space) you’ll probably be feeling pretty happy. Just as our technology, our community and our partnerships took big strides forward, so too did the world of crypto – from the rush in adoption of NFTs to the surge in interest and understanding of the concepts of Web3.
And that’s where we kick off this week. In what was 2021’s final episode of ‘Conversations on the Edge’ we ELI5 Web3 – and we do it to help drive mainstream adoption. Listen to find out why.
As we type we’re putting the finishing touches to our review of last year and look forward to what’s in store for Edge Network in 2022. Keep an eye on your inboxes next week for that. Happy New Year.

Highlights This Issue
Conversations on the Edge: Episode 33
Latest Weekly Update
Weekly Update: W/C 20th December, 2021
Favourite Tweets
‘Web pages load faster. Files download more quickly. Videos are watched more seamlessly. Less energy is consumed in both storage and consumption of services too.’

Why #EdgeNetwork promises a faster future for cloud services: https://t.co/KMPotxTUlo

$EDGE #futurecloud #crypto https://t.co/IPRZCgaJAZ
'Just as locked factory doors don’t help server farms, locked (or even unlocked) front doors don’t make a jot of difference to data security on #EdgeNetwork.'

Why the decentralised cloud is more secure: https://t.co/1ZYh1VyOKe

$EDGE #techforgood #futurecloud #blockchain #crypto https://t.co/X38N0RjOqH
One more thing...
Would you be able to help out a member of the Edge community? As part of a business education course, a student is conducting a thesis on Edge Network and the cloud software market.
This short questionnaire will provide useful research for the project and should take only five minutes if you can spare the time (all data is anonymous and will be deleted immediately after use).
Thank you!
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Edge Network
Edge Network @edgenetwork

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A decentralized cloud, powered by the blockchain.

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