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Edge Digest - Issue #25

Edge Network
Edge Network
Welcome, new subscribers. Our Haven Protocol partnership and recent exchange listing has supercharged the Edge Network community, so this week’s episode of Conversations on the Edge is a recap – a soft landing for those first-timers and a reminder for regulars of our core proposition. Listen, learn and earn…

Highlights This Issue
Conversations on the Edge: Episode 31
Let’s Talk Exchanges | Edge
Latest Weekly Update
Weekly Update: W/C 06th December, 2021
Favourite Tweets
'By storing data on existing devices that have already paid a debt to our environment, #EdgeNetwork is a greener alternative to dedicated servers used by our friends at Amazon, Microsoft and Google.'

Here’s why: 🌳

$EDGE #techforgood #futurecloud #crypto
Index v1.10.0 has been deployed. This introduces the ability to filter blocks by whether or not they're empty, which will be utilised in an upcoming Explorer release.
And @HavenXHV just partnered with another undervalued project @edgenetwork that is incredible imho.
It’s a Peer-to-peer serverless infrastructure built using the spare capacity all around us. Faster, cheaper, greener, and owned by the people.
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Edge Network
Edge Network @edgenetwork

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A decentralized cloud, powered by the blockchain.

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