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Edge Network
Edge Network
Welcome to the second edition of the new Edge Digest. This is a weekly drop of news and information about the network – our team updates, our favourite tweets and our very best product stories.
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Highlights this issue
The Cloud Is Not Enough | Edge
The Network Under Your Nose | Edge
Latest weekly updates
Weekly Update: W/C 12th April, 2021 | Edge
Favourite tweets
What’s the best infrastructure for a website that campaigns on green issues? The network that reduces your digital carbon footprint.

Join @Ecohustler by moving your business to the environmentally friendly internet: https://t.co/oKIiy0pVe1.

#techforgood #edge #greentech https://t.co/Iqq5s2ync9
Edge Network is all around us, reducing distance between data storage and consumption. That means savings of up to 90% compared with traditional cloud services. Think about that next time you pay your infrastructure bill...

Join us: https://t.co/oKIiy0pVe1

#techforgood #edge https://t.co/SdVRgIigRA
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Edge Network
Edge Network @edgenetwork

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A decentralized cloud, powered by the blockchain.

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