Edge Network

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A decentralized cloud, powered by the blockchain.

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A decentralized cloud, powered by the blockchain.

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Edge Digest - Issue #32

Have we seen you in Discord this week? Folks have been gathering to share thoughts on Edge marketing – we're entering a new phase with the network and stepping up efforts to target contributors, $EDGE holders and customers of cloud services. Do you fall into …


Edge Digest - Issue #31

Who are you and what do you want? That's what the core team is been thinking about this week as we launch our marketing consultation. Edge Network has outgrown its existing strategy, so we're working on where we go next – and Conversations on the Edge wants t…


Edge Digest - Issue #30

What is open source and why do we do it? When we dropped the latest version of Wallet last week it marked a moment when the growing community of engineers using our technology had a chance to properly get under the bonnet – and it's a philosophy we will be ex…


Edge Digest - Issue #29

Thanks for reading this newsletter – with you, Edge is a stronger project. Our community is made up of email subscribers, Twitter followers, Discord members, $EDGE token holders, revenue-earning network contributors and customers of our technology.It's our vi…


Edge Digest - Issue #28

Where are you reading this? Almost certainly from one of the 60 countries that Edge Network is operating in – a network of nodes from Australia to Zambia; in cities from Amsterdam to Xi'an. It's what we call 'global reach' and it's the focus of this week's Co…


Edge Digest - Issue #27

Welcome back to the Edge, folks – your weekly glimpse into the future of the Internet. Except this week we take one last glance over our shoulder as the team picks its highlights from the 12 months just passed; the year that $EDGE found exchanges, the network…


Edge Digest - Issue #26

Would you be able to help out a member of the Edge community? As part of a business education course, a student is conducting a thesis on Edge Network and the cloud software market. This short questionnaire will provide useful research for the project and sho…


Edge Digest - Issue #25

Welcome, new subscribers. Our Haven Protocol partnership and recent exchange listing has supercharged the Edge Network community, so this week's episode of Conversations on the Edge is a recap – a soft landing for those first-timers and a reminder for regular…


Edge Digest - Issue #24

In a way, we are all pioneers. Web3 is the next-generation Internet and anyone building on this tech is ahead of the curve. As the infrastructure of Web3, Edge Network allows any digital business the chance to step ahead of their competition. This week, we hi…


Edge Digest - Issue #23

The revolution is gathering pace. New exchange listings, new customers – this is how movements gather momentum. Edge Network is changing the Internet and you need to be part of it. How? Grab some $EDGE and be ready to earn revenue as more digital brands move …


Edge + Haven Protocol

This week's email digest is a special edition to tell you about an important new partnership – Haven Protocol has relaunched its website on Edge Network.Edge is the infrastructure of Web3, a decentralised cloud that's the perfect fit for the new generation of…


Edge Digest - Issue #21

$EDGE continues its march forwards – this week's listing is the first of many announcements racing over the horizon. Want to know more about our strategy for token availability? Listen, learn and earn with this week's episode of Conversations on the Edge.


Edge - Listing Announcement

MEXC: ed.ge/mexcEtherscan: ed.ge/etherscanBridge How-to: ed.ge/network-bridge


Edge Digest - Issue #19

BREAKING NEWS: imminent exchange listing for $EDGE – stand by for news about a new exchange listing, bringing access to new markets and a lower cost of entry for new token holders. This is the kind of stuff we tell our newsletter subscribers first.Plus, read …


Edge Digest - Issue #18

What does it mean to be 'cloud proud'? It means your business is thinking about the environmental impact of its digital products – and is looking for a greener alternative to traditional cloud services. Spoiler alert: that could be Edge Network. Listen below …


Edge Digest - Issue #17

The CDN market is projected to hit $49.61 billion by 2026 – and Edge Network is set to revolutionise it. This week, we tell you why (and – sshhh – what a CDN even is anyway, if you don't know).


Edge Digest - Issue #16

Following the Edge project but yet to participate? This week we drop a straightforward audio guide to buying $EDGE and swapping for $XE to 'bridge' into the network. Listen, learn and earn.


Edge Digest - Issue #15

Openness. Transparency. Trust. These are core principles of Edge Network and with each week that passes we lay yet more foundations for a new Internet that can be shared by all – you included. Listen below to this week's audio to find out more...


Edge Digest - Issue #14

A big week for network updates and marketing noise – plus a big thanks to Facebook for reminding the world why it needs new web infrastructure. Ready for staking yet? Scroll for $EDGE info.


Edge Digest - Issue #13

Twenty episodes – twenty. That's how much talking we've done to spread the word about Edge Network in our mini-podcast series 'Conversations on the Edge'. This week: staking, how and why.